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Sean Strickland

Inkongudunk 124 days ago

easyhateoven 124 days ago
strickland propane

nothinlefttogive 124 days ago
Love child of Ian MacKaye

starship 124 days ago
He seems like some kind of goon?? 💁

kidcadaver 123 days ago
swerve strickland>

easyhateoven 123 days ago
Early life Sean Strickland grew up in Corona, California, in a household with a physically and mentally abusive father.[7][2] lol

jimbo 123 days ago
a lot of dad shit going on in the ufc

VodkaVeins 123 days ago
Corona smells like cow shit

Inkongudunk 123 days ago
Yes it does, lol

B__DAWG 123 days ago
you can't be well adjusted and want to do punching

jimbo 123 days ago
^^^ the vast majority of ufc roster are def retarded. but hey aren't we all.

B__DAWG 123 days ago
and the ones that SEEM normal are probably the worst. i bet that george st pierre guy is into some SICK stuff

jimbo 123 days ago
yeah he's got autoerotic asphyxia vibes

666pack 123 days ago
easyhateoven 11 hours ago strickland propane I'm here for this