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Would you wear this?

? https://img.thesitebase.net/10257/10257679/products/ver_17d249ca7b5d9b2fd9c68e2189b6ab32e/0x900@1670049421d88ba3ba78.jpeg

Bortslob 86 days ago
Is there a March?


Bortslob 86 days ago


jimbo 85 days ago

B__DAWG 85 days ago
that's jesus' shirt

willy_wanker 85 days ago
no, i would not wear that piece of shit

draculamountainz 85 days ago
hell yeah i would

B__DAWG 85 days ago
these are joke shirts, people don't really wear them

PenicillinTrapdoor 85 days ago
Holy shit

willy_wanker 85 days ago
anyone that wears affliction shirts would wear this crap too

Bortslob 85 days ago
I ordered a suit with that printed all over it. I'm wearing for my third dad's second wedding