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Dive bars

Jimmyfloyd 87 days ago
You got one of those around you? Not talking a hipster spot that's dressed up like a dive, nor some metal bar, or an old man bar, or some sad corner local...but a real down and out joint where you got a 50/50 chance getting into some shit just by being there. You got one of those around you? And do you go?

jimbo 87 days ago
almost every time I've done drugs, slammed a pig 4 or got into a random fight was at a random dive bar while traveling across country. shitty corner hole in the walls where it's at. almost never fails if you communicate.

Pilgrim 87 days ago
Only bars I go to. If you order a fancy cocktail they kick you out/stop serving you

Jimmyfloyd 87 days ago
Fact: NYC has no dive bars. Jersey Shore has no dive bars. I was just down in FL last month. Bars are better there.

PoultryInMotion 87 days ago
use to be a few, they closed down, everyone just does fentanyl. theres a few yuppie joints that try to be cute and "divey", but that's not what you mean

Pilgrim 87 days ago
Sluggo's in Pensacola FL The Locker Room in Richmond VA Gooskis in Pittsburgh All shit holes that I love

dayman 87 days ago

easyhateoven 86 days ago
Dive into my asshole

vagisilcreem 86 days ago
Used to be one near me called Tricky Dicks. Open til 5am. Then reopen at 7am. Just thinking about it makes me sad.

willy_wanker 86 days ago
go to any bar where patched bikers hang out

B__DAWG 86 days ago
i don't wanna hang out with those thugs

B__DAWG 86 days ago
i'll be over at Applebees

jimbo 86 days ago
watch out, dot may be there

Yeah, there are quite a few.

easyhateoven 86 days ago
B__DAWG 3 hours ago i'll be over at Applebees jimbo 3 hours ago watch out, dot may be there lol