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Drank last night

plaguestricken 132 days ago
Diarrhea'd this morning

plaguestricken 132 days ago
We got one of those 8 cube organizers for the record setup and put it together last night. It's got legs on the bottom so that should give me some relief on the bending over and looking for what shitty album I wanna listen to. We sorta noticed a slight bow to it once we transferred all the gear and records. Ain't that a bitch?

plaguestricken 132 days ago
Immediately had to start drinking once I saw that shit. So now I'm hungover and with diarrhea.

Very cool. I haven't been drinking because I've been sick since yesterday, but I'm on board with you on the rest.

Pilgrim 132 days ago
I'm day drinking because I finished my job early