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simon_belmont 85 days ago
That band was pretty good

B__DAWG 85 days ago
my music post had more posts than this. hehehehe

plaguestricken 85 days ago
I think one of the dudes in this band is on a podcast I enjoy. Think it's called Tomorrow We Die.

VodkaVeins 85 days ago
City of Stars was a good album. Didn't really listen to anything else

whitey 85 days ago
Just listened to forging steel about a month ago for the first time in a long time! I think all their albums were great

simon_belmont 85 days ago
I saw them around the time they did Jersey Shores. If memory serves me correct, it was a pleasurable experience.

i remember this band being jocked pretty hard back in the day on this site and forgot all about them until now. might give 'em a listen later

cervical_lancer 85 days ago
Rockness monster is sooooo dope… still

draculamountainz 85 days ago

suicidebears 84 days ago
A K U M A remember that poster?

vagisilcreem 84 days ago
great band. also sandrider