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Lana Del Rey

nothinlefttogive 88 days ago
Think she could beat me in a pizza-eating contest?

plaguestricken 88 days ago
Her name spells Anal when backwards. Always got a kick out of that.

easyhateoven 88 days ago
she can beat anyone in any eating contest

shitinyourhand 88 days ago
She used to be pretty hot, gotta say

Inkongudunk 88 days ago
She ate and left no crumbs, same hat, no cap frfr. Slay.

Bortslob 88 days ago
Who the fuck is that? Lol@ anal. Nice name

nothinlefttogive 88 days ago
I wanna challenge her. I'm Joey fuckin' Chestnut, bitch!

lurkcity 88 days ago

easyhateoven 88 days ago
she sounds like jodi foster. her music blows. theocean loves her tho, unfortunately

nothinlefttogive 88 days ago
I could slay her at pizza, but she might win at hot dogs...that is clearly a job for simon_belmont

easyhateoven 88 days ago
simon has *no* gag reflex

AnalButt 88 days ago

VodkaVeins 88 days ago
lurkcity 3 hours ago fat gay

nothinlefttogive 88 days ago
You gotta dip them shits in water, then you can swallow it better