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Rockstar games reforming "fratboy" attitude and not "punching down"

Inkongudunk 89 days ago
New main character named Latte

Pilgrim 89 days ago
Huh and what,?

plaguestricken 88 days ago
New GTA trailer is actually cool as fuck. Can't wait to play that shit.

ShadowBlade 88 days ago
^ Yuck.

Inkongudunk 88 days ago
This is layered comedy that requires knowledge of current events It's really, really clever. Trust me

Inkongudunk 88 days ago
Ok, I'll give you guys a breakdown of why it's so funny. See gta6 had a trailer releases and prior to that an insider said they reformed their fratboy image which is exactly what the marketing person behind the budlight transgender can thing said. Then, in the trailer one of the lead protagonists is a "strong latina", which caused some big outrage online because girls stink and boys rule and then that outrage turned into a conspiracy about how this strong latina is actually a transgender person and gta6 has gone full woke. Additionally, recent lambgoat news featured a transgender person who idenfies as a proud latina, and that person has named themselves Latte, with the news about Latte also being quite divisive to the point that lurk wussed out as hard as someone can wuss and deleted all mention of it from his own site and twitter. So, see, that's why this is all really clever.

ShadowBlade 88 days ago
Jokes that need explaining are always the funniest....

VodkaVeins 88 days ago
Oh, cool...Trind is back.

plaguestricken 88 days ago
Why "yuck"?

Inkongudunk 88 days ago
Andrew Tate says not to play it because it glorifies violence against police

Sortblob 88 days ago
ShadowBlade 1 hour ago Jokes that need explaining are always the funniest.... Your entire life is a joke, and it also needs to be explained.

easyhateoven 88 days ago
i fucking love latinas. i have to marry one

ShadowBlade 88 days ago
Oh no. I've agitated the mid-wits.

dontcare 88 days ago
Trailer looks cool. I saw gators and black girls twerking so count me in.

easyhateoven 17 minutes ago i fucking love latinas. i have to marry one i dated one for almost 7 years and she was fun at first but eventually turned into an insufferable bar lush that would have embarassing emotional meltdowns