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where do you buy your hardcore metal music band memorabilia

coldhardfacts 83 days ago
and paraphernalia?

Inkongudunk 83 days ago
Coldcutsmerch Deathwishinc Allinmerch

instagram bootleggers cold cuts nightshift merch

B__DAWG 83 days ago
i don't

barbara2.0 83 days ago
idk, from the fucking band?

Sortblob 83 days ago
I go to memorabilia.com you fucking asshole.

whitey 83 days ago
Bootleggers that print on comfort colors Everything else never fits

simon_belmont 83 days ago
I was looking at some cds on discogs but they charge like $5-10 for shipping. Media mail is like 3 bucks. I won't stand for that.

PoultryInMotion 83 days ago
merch tables. i don't like buying things online, it's annoying.

B__DAWG 83 days ago
going to shows is annoying too though

Pilgrim 83 days ago
Hot Topic you twink

plaguestricken 83 days ago
Holy Mountain printing is aiight