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The Cancer Conspiracy. - The Audio Medium

jimbo 137 days ago
Wikipedia is run by YOU

B__DAWG 137 days ago
i gotta hear this band immediately

B__DAWG 137 days ago
if only i had their compact disc

simon_belmont 137 days ago
I like this song a lot. It's not on the album this thread is about. https://youtu.be/WWCqeQI41zw?feature=shared

easyhateoven 137 days ago
Hope Conspiracy >

draculamountainz 136 days ago
Saw them open for Cave In on the Jupiter tour, they were great.

vagisilcreem 136 days ago
10/10 record. i remember listening to this with my best friend right when it came out. good times.

B__DAWG 136 days ago
don't recall listening to this with you

easyhateoven 136 days ago

B__DAWG 117 days ago
it's good stuff

AnalButt 117 days ago
I'm waking up everyone on Christmas morning to this