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Lurk, you get threatened?

lurkcity 140 days ago
jimbo 1 hour ago he really is the master of being a failure I'm your master

rick____tocchet 140 days ago
I used retard

rick____tocchet 140 days ago
I call BS. Why not just delete MY post if that was the case?

jimbo 140 days ago
lol. we have moderation though, I guess it was removed, I didn't do anything, I have no idea what I'm doing though

PoultryInMotion 140 days ago
that thread didn't have any specific term that hasn't been used here before...though...

B__DAWG 140 days ago
just take some fucking accountability for once in your damn life lurkcity. geez

B__DAWG 140 days ago
it's always someone else doing it, isn't it?

Suckysucky 140 days ago
Took scene shots of the article and comments before the deletion in case they are needed

Inkongudunk 140 days ago
Lol what a fuckin idiot ^^^

jimbo 140 days ago
let's just continue convo here lol trans furries suck shit. dude got clocked should've been stomped out.

B__DAWG 140 days ago
i don't really care if you dress up like a gay animal or whatever, doesn't really bother me. it IS weird though

Bortslob 140 days ago
Hate crime

easyhateoven 140 days ago
you cant say tr anny anymore? wtf. i remember when tr anny was a fucking category on sublime directory

nothinlefttogive 140 days ago
Lurk Girlyboy™

Inkongudunk 140 days ago
They just come up with new "slurs" all the time to police language. Imagine letting actually mentally ill people that dress us like gay dogs tell you what words you aren't allowed to use to describe them when they dress up like gay dogs