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paying $62.50 to see Botch

easyhateoven 131 days ago
He was joking

lurkcity 131 days ago

Conduit 131 days ago
Hard to know if it's a joke when you probably first heard botch a year ago.

rick____tocchet 131 days ago
I wouldnt see Botch for free

B__DAWG 131 days ago
i saw Botch before, no need to see the old man version of them

easyhateoven 130 days ago
what about the old man child version

jimbo 130 days ago
In Defiance of Existence is a good album

jimbo 130 days ago
Good drumming

jimbo 130 days ago
pretty sure it was that fat fuck who played with Dimmu, his name is Gargle Nut I think

B__DAWG 130 days ago
yeah they were pretty alright

easyhateoven 130 days ago
lol nut

plaguestricken 128 days ago
Had a great time at Botch with the LambBros