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the nothing & full of hell album

easyhateoven 82 days ago
fucking boring, pretentious and gay

PenicillinTrapdoor 82 days ago
I only heard that one song they put out and it was fucking straight garbage.

easyhateoven 82 days ago
indeed it was. the rest of it is even worse

full of hell sucks. hipster grind

easyhateoven 82 days ago
full of smell

lurkcity 82 days ago
Imagine using the term hipster grind

easyhateoven 82 days ago
ok, now what

shut up lurk

easyhateoven 82 days ago

666pack 82 days ago
As long as they don't do too much electronic stuff, Full of Hell is great live. Terrible and boring on album though

Bortslob 82 days ago
That'll sell em

lurkcity 81 days ago
hipster grind... that has to be the biggest oxymoron and you are a moron for using it.

Inkongudunk 81 days ago
That band that released the ep "gggggrrriiiiinnndddcooooreeee" is hipster trash

B__DAWG 81 days ago
yeah there's been hipster grind bands for years. lurkcity doesn't know shit yet again

B__DAWG 81 days ago
i seem to recall people calling The Locust hipster grind