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Shane macgowan died

vagisilcreem 83 days ago

Bortslob 83 days ago
Who dat?

Jesus_Juice 83 days ago
He is finally reunited with his teeth. Rest in Power.

easyhateoven 83 days ago
The pogues suck

shitinyourhand 83 days ago
oh damn.. bummer always liked the pogues

rick____tocchet 83 days ago
I have no idea who the fuck that is. Nor do I give a fuck. Good day.

Inkongudunk 83 days ago
He got killed by illegal immigration

B__DAWG 83 days ago
i bought Rum, Sodomy & The Lash when i was a young teen and due to it's reputation, cool name, and very cool artwork i was sure it would be an instant favorite. but guess what?.......i HATED it and probably traded it to someone for marijuana or LSD. i don't really care for that kind of music

B__DAWG 83 days ago
maybe i'll listen to it again. i'm much more sophisticated now

easyhateoven 82 days ago
It still sucks

B__DAWG 81 days ago
even WORSE than i remember

easyhateoven 81 days ago
told ya

draculamountainz 81 days ago
Now everyone is a massive Pogues fan all of a sudden.

B__DAWG 81 days ago
not bullhead

B__DAWG 81 days ago
i celebrate his death