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This is something ya'll f*cks would say is grindcore

ShaolinLambKiller 120 days ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OF_ZdMX5gY Posted in a grind group and it's like f*cking 2003 metalcore all over again. it's just sped up with no breakdowns. super disappointing and shitty. let's laugh together

simon_belmont 120 days ago
I think they call this deathcore these days. Also lol@ the song being called Celebration Of Mediocrity

willy_wanker 120 days ago
i would not call this grindcore

ShaolinLambKiller 120 days ago
well at least you 2 f*cks are not trash. but this was obviously shared by a female.

ShaolinLambKiller 120 days ago
Alicia Destroyeur shared a link. 37m · Can't wait for this album to drop lol you stupid this trash

carveyournamein 120 days ago

willy_wanker 120 days ago
me tarzan you jane

butlerianjihad 120 days ago
Heh heh, women be postin'

ShaolinLambKiller 120 days ago

BULLHEAD 120 days ago
i don't know much but i know that's not grindcore

xander_crews_horse 119 days ago
I won't even click this.

ShaolinLambKiller 119 days ago
Womens who are into 'grindcore' call this grindcore

gaseousclay 119 days ago
*attaches white belt*

gaseousclay 119 days ago
clicked and lost.

gaseousclay 119 days ago
*unattaches white belt*