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Queens HS students "riot" and hunt down Jewish teacher

Inkongudunk 93 days ago
Lol, America rules

B__DAWG 93 days ago
that's what they get for killing jesus

rick____tocchet 92 days ago
Didnt the Romans kill Jesus?

B__DAWG 92 days ago
i have no idea

whitey 92 days ago
based the romans did, i think a fellow jew just sold the J man out

easyhateoven 92 days ago
we are the romans

jimbo 92 days ago
yeah the Jews snitched on the man, Romans put em out

PoultryInMotion 92 days ago
he's just alright with me

draculamountainz 92 days ago
Jamaica Queens don't play

easyhateoven 92 days ago
yeah mon