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Cincinnati Bowtie

Jimmyfloyd 11 days ago
Bad name. Pretty good band. https://cincinattibowtie.bandcamp.com/album/incantation

B__DAWG 11 days ago
they know cincinnati in the UK?

jimbo 11 days ago
is that when you eat chili then diarrhea on a girls neck?

^That's called Friday night at my house

Jimmyfloyd 11 days ago
I live in the US of A and I barely know where Cincinnati is

Bortslob 11 days ago
lol, Cincinnati bow tie is an upside down titty f*ck. You straddle her face, she licks your butthole, and you ducked her tits

jimbo 11 days ago
oh yeah that's right, the balls are the bow tie. classic.

PoultryInMotion 11 days ago
apparently it's backwards because "EVERYTHING is backwards in Cincinatti"

easyhateoven 11 days ago
not a fan of the music or name