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Yo inkongudunk

nothinlefttogive 113 days ago
Let's talk about deflationary economic downturns

Inkongudunk 113 days ago
*plays stairway to heaven at Guitar Center*

B__DAWG 113 days ago
i do NOT understand the economy at all

suicidebears 113 days ago
i think of bullhead as the Kramer of the board, no one knows how he pays his bills or affords all those punk rock CDs

B__DAWG 113 days ago
you're better off not knowing

suicidebears 113 days ago

nothinlefttogive 113 days ago
GC outlives all the 'flations. What a business model!

nothinlefttogive 113 days ago
Also, there is deflation in my trousers...

AnalButt 113 days ago
Bullhead has told us how he funds his life many times.

lurkcity 113 days ago
His only fans

PoultryInMotion 113 days ago
he's more like a Kramer guitar

starship 113 days ago
The economic charts look promising https://s3.tradingview.com/snapshots/v/V3VAgU1V.png