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Learning to effectively insult people on tiktok

Inkongudunk 116 days ago
It's a weird dialect. Urban slang with hieroglyphics and constantly skirting censorship guidelines with shorthand and "leet/1337" styled variations. Very tweeny. But I'm learning; evolving. Becoming more than a man. More than you ever were. Driven and burning, to rise beyond Jesus. #godsize

starship 116 days ago
Why bats Mr Wayne? Why do they scare you?

Bortslob 116 days ago

Inkongudunk 116 days ago
I love those Pete Holmes skits. Professor X, Batman, Street Fighter Human Resources. All good times

Inkongudunk 114 days ago
Damn, I just got a strike I don't understand as well as I thought All I said was a reply to someone who said "slay queen" on a video of a fat girl dancing Apparently "slay 4 large pizzas and an oil drum of mountain dew" is hatespeech?

_d0thack_ 114 days ago

rick____tocchet 114 days ago