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Boston (Mike,Slorb)

ed_money 204 days ago
Bostonians behind the wheel are a plague. I love it.

Bortslob 204 days ago
Kill or be killed. If you don't know where you're going get the f*ck off the road

shitinyourhand 203 days ago
The worst drivers. If you're behind them on the highway they go super slow in the left lane and stay there, holding up a decent flow. Then if you pass them and take off, they get butthurt and start riding your ass. If you're in a ton of traffic, and it starts to let up and you're kind of going uphill, when the hill crests and you start going back down, everyone slams on their brakes because they're afraid now that they can see all the cars ahead of them. I can't stand when they come to Maine all summer/fall/into winter, along with CT/NJ/NY.... and don't get me started on Canadians.

B__DAWG 203 days ago
drivers are the same in any city in my experiences

B__DAWG 203 days ago
at least boston people know how to drive in snow, or so i would assume

AnalButt 203 days ago
I was in the middle lane of a three lane highway last night coming home because I knew 2 miles ahead the person in the right lane is forced to exit and a car rode my ass and flashed their high beams. Did the ol' washer fluid trick to em

B__DAWG 203 days ago
i'm an excellent driver

Bortslob 203 days ago
Boston is second worse only to Paris France. That city is a death rodeo. And people in Ohio drive idiotically, not dangerous, but if you're on a two lane highway and the speed limit is 55 mph, two cars will drive side by side at 55mph. It's so dumb, and it only happens in Ohio

B__DAWG 203 days ago
you gotta get out in the mountains and see the real dummies with bald tires all spun out in the snow

PoultryInMotion 203 days ago
ohio drivers really are worse in a different way

B__DAWG 203 days ago
i can't go to Ohio because i have at least one unpaid toll. i'll go straight to the slammer