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scissors7 274 days ago

starship 274 days ago
Not to run with scissors

B__DAWG 274 days ago
going hiking

jimbo 274 days ago
beers, hookers, cocaine

Bortslob 274 days ago
Get f*cked up! Watch football, baseball, hockey and NASCAR

_d0thack_ 274 days ago
Nothing planned. At all. I decided today I'm gonna go on a tolerance break for at least a month. This weekend is gonna be BORING

_d0thack_ 274 days ago
Gotta get my brain rewired.

PoultryInMotion 274 days ago
chili cookoff. last time i went i ended up shitting in a urinal

Bortslob 274 days ago
I might go over to Cambridge and bash in the skulls of pro Palestine protesters too

scissors7 274 days ago
Tonight - Wife working, twins Saturday - Pumpkin decorating with the kids, chores, wife working Sunday - Get out fishing, football in afternoon 3+ years no booze.... UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

plaguestricken 274 days ago
Playing a show tonight Playing video games & w/ myself on Saturday/Sunday

f28r06a42n12k 274 days ago
In Detroit for a wedding

AnalButt 274 days ago
You're gay if you don't

united_ninety_three 274 days ago
Today - drink some voodoo rangers and cook some pineapple sausages in my backyard Tomorrow - Seeing D.R.I and Defiance 20 min. away at a bar in Concord Sunday - lay around watching terrible movies while my gf finds things to bitch about

united_ninety_three 274 days ago
It's the 80's thrash Defiance btw not the punk one