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meeting lurk in real life

kort 193 days ago
do you need to burn your clothes and bathe in tomato juice?

B__DAWG 193 days ago
doesn't interest me

YOURDAD69 193 days ago
Word korf

dayman 193 days ago

jimbo 193 days ago
would prob hand him a napkin

kort 192 days ago
"you have cheeto dust and jizz on your chin?"

VodkaVeins 192 days ago
You smokin' the zig-zag if he passes it to ya?

simon_belmont 192 days ago
You honkin' when lurk passes the bobo?

lurkcity 192 days ago
did i not pass it to you at FF the year we met?

simon_belmont 192 days ago
You did not. You bogarted the bobo

lurkcity 192 days ago
you looked like a hippie with all that long hair then and you were fat. i didn't want you to toke it all up i guess.

simon_belmont 192 days ago
It was my fat period. It lasted a couple years.

draculamountainz 192 days ago
I always pictured simon_belmont as a James Bond type guy, Timothy Dalton era.

B__DAWG 192 days ago
i pictured him like the video game character

B__DAWG 192 days ago
still do