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Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics

B__DAWG 161 days ago
i'm gonna say Temple of the Mourning Star is easily their best album BUT the earlier stuff is better than the latest stuff

B__DAWG 161 days ago
i bought temple of the morning star on cd and then i ended up listening to it out in the woods on a discman while on marijuana and it was legitimately frightening. remember discmen?

Bortslob 161 days ago
Zulu got 9/10, you sure about that rating?

plaguestricken 161 days ago
Willpower FTW

ShadowBlade 161 days ago
I thoroughly enjoy Acid Bath. Kind of a sludgier Type 0 Negative. This one and, "Kite String" are both great.

united_ninety_three 161 days ago
When I first heard them it gave me a kind of bad nu metal vibe because of Dax's whiny vocals but I warmed up to them

B__DAWG 161 days ago
respectable people swear by that Dax guy and all his projects but everything i hear just sounds stupid to me. same with mike patton. i guess i just don't get it, and that's OK

ShadowBlade 161 days ago
It's completely reasonable to not "get" Mike Patton. Not even sure Mike Patton gets Mike Patton. It's for guys who try to come off as quirky on purpose.

NorthFromHere 161 days ago
I prefer Kite String, but this one is pretty good too.