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That new baroness album

NorthFromHere 152 days ago
I don't even remember when they went downhill, just know the last two have sucked.

lurkcity 152 days ago
easy ... thats another bad take for you today smh - purple may be their best record and that came out 2 LPs after blue. this board lol ... its okay to like a band past their demo or debut album, it will be okay.

easyhateoven 151 days ago
no, they sound like nickelback

PenicillinTrapdoor 151 days ago
jimbo 1 day ago Reply Bortslob 1 day ago Women ruin everything

lurkcity 151 days ago
easyhateoven 4 hours ago no, they sound like nickelback i don't think you've ever heard nickleback, which isn't a bad thing except now that you're trying to compare baroness to them

easyhateoven 151 days ago
chad and john sound the same. it's garbage. i still stand by my statement. everything after the blue album was crap (and i'm being generous)