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That new baroness album

Bortslob 159 days ago
The fuuuuuuuuck am I listening to? Welp, that band was fun while they lasted

simon_belmont 159 days ago
They've sucked for a long time now

dontcare 159 days ago
Haven't heard it yet. Baroness is f*cking awesome.

Bortslob 159 days ago
Purple album was their best The last one took a while to grow on me, most songs are good but there's a lot of stupid filler This one, I won't even revisit

plaguestricken 159 days ago
Red Album is the only great Baroness record IMHO

dontcare 159 days ago
The yellow and red albums will always have a special place for me. The purple album is amazing.

NorthFromHere 159 days ago
Gold and Grey is one of the weakest albums I've heard in years. Stone singles suggested garbage, not gonna bother with the whole thing. I usually support women in metal/core, but Gina Gleason is the most overrated guitarist on the planet.

B__DAWG 159 days ago
never heard them i don't think

jimbo 159 days ago
listened to them many many years ago and slightly enjoyed, never revisited.

Pilgrim 159 days ago
Their albums sound like Pokemon games

B__DAWG 159 days ago
that guys artwork style bugs me so i don't want to listen to any albums that have those covers

B__DAWG 159 days ago
it's better than i could do though. i'm not a good drawer

easyhateoven 159 days ago

jimbo 159 days ago
there's a chick in the band now? maybe I'll listen to one song just so I can smash when I meet her in some shitty venue parking lot

PoultryInMotion 159 days ago
they were decent live in 2008, but i was there to see boris. the art is really played out. i dont like the colors names. might listen to this out of curiousity