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avenged sevenfold

kort 76 days ago
this band is unforgivably bad and if you like them you deserve a spankin

dontcare 76 days ago
I have a weird thing with avenged sevenfold. I don't fully like them, but I enjoy a few of their songs. lol

kort 76 days ago
well pick yourself up and put yourself in the TRASH

dontcare 76 days ago
trust me, I know how shitty avenged sevenfold can be. haha

NorthFromHere 76 days ago
I think they are ok.

Inkongudunk 76 days ago
I dont

I saw them at warped tour like 00 or something right after that first album released. They were playing one of the little stages and nobody was watching them.

B__DAWG 76 days ago
can't say i've heard them

B__DAWG 76 days ago
i think i saw a picture of them once

They are like a gayer version of atreyu/afi/danzig or something probably.

_d0thack_ 76 days ago
Really bad band. They've never been good. Ever.

PoultryInMotion 75 days ago
i always got them and poison the well mixed up

dayman 75 days ago
I heard they used Barbie dolls to drive home a message