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News item comments re: "Goo"

shitinyourhand 162 days ago
What is the backstory behind the f*cking Goo thing?

united_ninety_three 162 days ago
I'm sure it's really stupid, but I've wondered this too

Bortslob 162 days ago
If I remember correctly.. there was a news bit about some no name band, and a guys name in the article was Mike "Goo" Gutewicz (wild guess) Everyone ignored the news bit and was just laughing at the nickname goo

PoultryInMotion 162 days ago
i thought dudes real last name was goo.

Bortslob 162 days ago
Maybe it was, I don't f*cking know. It's some guy named goo

jimbo 162 days ago
The "GOO!" scene in Billy Madison was funny

I'm gonna believe it's Goo from the 90s Nickelodeon show "My Brother and Me" https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ADQPcNvqymo

easyhateoven 162 days ago
a boy named goo the goo goo dolls suuuuuuck but remember goo from my brother and me?

lurkcity 162 days ago
Lol thread

_d0thack_ 162 days ago
This will probably come bite me in the ass later but my youngest nephew's nickname is gooey. His brother's nickname is crusty.

plaguestricken 162 days ago
Goddammit I was gonna bring up Goo Goo dolls and that album. f*ck you, Easy!

Inkongudunk 162 days ago
You don't have a nephew

_d0thack_ 162 days ago
I know. I have TWO.

Inkongudunk 162 days ago
Not having a nephew precludes any quantity assigned to the nephew(s)

Inkongudunk 162 days ago
Or is this you playing dumb again