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That diarrhea guy that caused the plane to make an emergency landing

Bortslob 73 days ago
I wish I was that guy

Bortslob 73 days ago
I'd be currently hitting the talk show circuit and writing a book

kort 72 days ago
"liberals made me shit my pants!"

plaguestricken 72 days ago
Dude trusted the wrong fart

easyhateoven 72 days ago
"The Diarrhea Guy" was my nickname in high school, college and work

draculamountainz 72 days ago

jimbo 72 days ago
lol now it's your nickname on the no fly list

simon_belmont 72 days ago
That guy is the one and only Diarrhea Dave

Bortslob 72 days ago
There was a flatulent service dog that took a plane down on Monday lol

Bortslob 72 days ago
https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/couple-sue-airline-over-farting-30907285 Coolest dog ever

The irate couple say they were booked next to a passenger in need of an emotional support dog, an animal which would not stop farting when 30,000ft in the air.

jimbo 72 days ago
that dog has my support

Pilgrim 71 days ago