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spaghetti western black metal

B__DAWG 72 days ago
i can't tell if this is stupid or awesome https://duelist.bandcamp.com/album/spaghetti-western-black-metal

shitinyourhand 71 days ago
I skimmed through.. It's novel, but not sure I would listen again. The whole thing is flaky production-wise also.

ShadowBlade 71 days ago
I f*cks with it.

VodkaVeins 71 days ago
Pretty cool but I DO NOT like the way the drums sound.

B__DAWG 71 days ago
it's not great at all but i enjoyed listening to it. moreso than that new cryptopsy

B__DAWG 71 days ago
and you don't hear about too many bands from Montana. they're trying their best

I'm gonna listen to this on my drive home from work.

B__DAWG 71 days ago
it's not great, i'll warn you

AnalButt 71 days ago
I like spaghetti

I liked that first album from horseback the invisible mountain that sounded like it would be a soundtrack for blood Meridian.

B__DAWG 71 days ago
Horseback is great.

B__DAWG 71 days ago
remember that band Across Tundras? they were doing like western tinged sludge metal or something. i think they were pretty good

They were good. I remember seeing them a few times back in Denver in the early 2000's. Good stuff.

_d0thack_ 71 days ago
it's uh..different. lol

VodkaVeins 71 days ago
Black metal is just sped up surf riffs with a shit load of distortion...so this western motif really isnt that much of a reinvention. Its cute.