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when was the last time

PoultryInMotion 15 days ago
you found out about a show happening, from a flier that another person physically handed it to you?

vagisilcreem 15 days ago

Bortslob 15 days ago
Just a few weeks ago. Nobody handed it to me, but it was taped to a stop light pole. Dropdead

PoultryInMotion 15 days ago
that's what i'm talkin about

_d0thack_ 15 days ago
Same. I see them everywhere on everything. The only time I get flyers handed to me is if I'm checking out a show that has some locals opening.

dontcare 15 days ago
probably like 1999. lol

Bortslob 15 days ago
Also, I wasn't telling you to dropdead, that was the band the flyer was for

jimbo 15 days ago
ICP and Eminem's beef started from a flyer

B__DAWG 15 days ago
did you go see Dropdead?

Those guys in Vegas have a Bindu for strippers.


I'm on the couch at work taking a nap, so it's hard to type

Bortslob 15 days ago
I didn't see dropdead. I was pretty tired

B__DAWG 15 days ago
probably shoulda though

B__DAWG 15 days ago
i can't blame you. going to shows is a lot of work