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Down - NOLA

simon_belmont 15 days ago
That's White Power Phil's best album

Bortslob 15 days ago
Great album

easyhateoven 15 days ago
new orleans is a disgusting swamp wasteland

PoultryInMotion 15 days ago
probably my favorite album phil ever sang on

So I just…SMOOOOKE Let me treeeaad….STOOOOONED

NorthFromHere 15 days ago
It's a great album that 100% feel like the part of the country it came from. I still prefer Great Southern Trendkill, but it's close.

vagisilcreem 15 days ago
10/10 album.

ShadowBlade 15 days ago

rick____tocchet 15 days ago
Great album, indeed and Down kicks ass live.

B__DAWG 15 days ago
all i remember is someone tried to trade me this cd for DRUGS back in the 1990s and i refused and kept the drugs. didn't want it

B__DAWG 15 days ago
i think i thought it was nu-metal. still haven't heard it

NorthFromHere 15 days ago
I don't think Phil is ever guilty of making nu-metal.

simon_belmont 15 days ago
That band he did with Hank III was a little nu

B__DAWG 15 days ago
DOWN sounded like a nu-metal band and i think the cover looked nu-metal. but i can admit i was wrong

simon_belmont 15 days ago
You might be thinking of something else. Down was all those NO sludge guys and slick hair era Phil