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Celine's Story

Sortblob 92 days ago
This is pulled from a conversation I had with celine: "I am the way I am. I am a Gay Mexican in California. You know this, so it shouldn't be surprising that I am the way I am. I have been bullied my whole life. People have treated me like actual shit just because of who I chose to love. I have been abused, traumatized, and completely disowned by certain members of my family. Do you know what it's like to have family members look at you with disgust because of how I was born??? I don't f*cking think so. It shouldn't surprise you that is why I have always gravitated to punk, hardcore, and metal. This place has been the only community where I feel like I can reclaim power that has always been against me. On this site I get to take revenge on the world that scorned me. I get to comment utterly f*cked up things to people and take them down a peg just like I've been pegged and taken down a peg. Nothing brings me more joy than my social and political nihilism. I have always related with heath ledgers joker because I just want everyone to be as miserable as me. If someone is suffering or died, f*ck the Webby for censoring my f*cking comments. That shit is retarded. Picking and choosing. I just want to watch the world burn and fill my hole that's inside me with my awful angry thoughts and insults. I would have killed myself if I weren't such a coward, so instead I resign to a life of meaningless purgatory on this hell hole of a website. When I finally do die, not even the tumbleweed that blows by will visit my grave. My family f*cking sucks. I am nothing to no one. But here, I flourish like Flys on shit.:

B__DAWG 92 days ago
he's a nice man

starship 92 days ago
I heard he's gay or something. What a fa4g, but hey if you need some tissues i got some for you

So is Sortblob trind too? There's too many weird, unfunny usernames on here that are eerily reminiscent of him. starship, xmyxwarx, sortblob...maybe a few others but those are the ones I've been most skeptical on

starship 92 days ago
Ya your theories are bullshit. Try again

^ something trind would say

starship 92 days ago
Yeah, you're wrong. Unless you mean in the cosmic sense of oneness, then yes. And you're also trind now

Here is my story: My god my cock is just so f*cking Huge Another day of being in complete awe of my endowment, at my size. My god, my bulge, it's undeniably huge. I caught a look at myself in the mirror and had to stop and marvel at my size. I am absolutely huge. My dick looks like an alien mothership. My god I'm getting rock hard just thinking about it. I'm literally nearly tipping over the desk I'm sitting in as I write this from my massive shaft forcing its way up. Anyway sometimes I swear my dio09dd09 90dalkds kj9 whoa almost lost the keyboard what I was saying is that my dick will get a mind of its own and just have its way. I was once having sex with this girl and as I thrust my throbbing cock into her I essentially catapulted her as my shaft goes from 120 degrees to 20 in about 0.000012 seconds and she flew 10 ft into the air and hit her head on the ceiling. God. My cock is just so f*cking huge my god it's massive. Just this absolutely throbbing massive dick. I woke up this morning and I looked down and it was like mount everest in the form of bedsheets front of me. Rock solid. I just marveled at my cock. I am turned on by my own size and I love every f*cking minute of it. I'm f*cking huge and I love it. My size. My size. My endowment. One time I was at a bar with a girl and everyone could see the outline of my shaft in my pants and everyone was trying to awkwardly look away until one guy said "whoa Mr BigDick coming through" and everyone laughed and 2 guys patted me on the back. I could tell the girls in the bar who had boyfriends were envious of me and one guy looked defeated as I passed by him and made him look like a minature ken doll dwarfed by my gigantic cock. I feel bad for them honestly having to be compared to my endowment. Later that week I went back and all the girls were sitting in a corner eyeing me and my bulge and the girl I was with said she told them all about my size and that's all they could think about. They knew and knew I knew and I knew they knew I knew about what was going on and I firmly told them it was no big deal and they all squealed and went wild one of them even fainted. Also, I just want to remind everyone who has a massive dick....don't ever take a picture of it because it will make nearly all men on earth feel inferior to you and give unrealistic expectations to girls and guys everywhere. I took a picture of my dick once and apparently it was shared by everyone on earth because later I went into the Smithsonian and saw a picture of it and it was labeled as the most impossibly perfect dick to ever grace the universe and two men were on their knees worshipping it while another man was in the fetal position whimpering. One time too I was on discord and a guy named "BigDick99999" had my dick pic as his profile pic. I won't lie, it was a bit of a confidence boost. Later in the bathroom there was only one urinal in the middle and two guys and when I whipped it out they both enviously glanced at my endowment endowment endowment endowment and one of them said I thought they didn't allow horses in here and the other guy gulped loudly. He then, blushing, bashfully said that my wife is very lucky and must be very happy. The first time I realized I was well endowed and my size was consierable was when my mom was driving and lost control of the car in the snow and when she went to grab the clutch my huge donger was ocuppying the dashboard (due to its demanding size) and she said "I want you to wear tighter pants from now on." There are downsides though. This one girl said she could handle me as we were discussing dick size in my apartment. After I told her my size she said I would be the biggest. Then she said she could handle me anyway. Well let me tell you 2 hours later (somewhat related, all the magnum XXXLLLL condoms ripped as usual) in the ER proved her wrong. It was an awkward conversation with the hospital staff and I could tell everyone was uncomfortable but also clearly impressed as my size was creating a bulge, a huge bulge with purpose, from my endowment. Finally a doctor blurted out that I was the biggest he's ever seen and he has seen 1000s a day but none as big as mine. I had to go to the bathroom later but just looking at the toilet there's no way it would have been able to handle my size. My endowment.

starship 92 days ago
You rise fast

simon_belmont 92 days ago
Weird thread.

VodkaVeins 92 days ago
united_ninety_three 57 minutes ago There's too many weird, unfunny usernames on here I miss the days when mine was among the top 1% of shitty, 14 year old "this is cool" stupid ass names

Inkongudunk 92 days ago
So, dothack is drinking again yeah?

starship 92 days ago
Did you click my link dude? I just wanna help you out

Inkongudunk 92 days ago
You wanna help me out by getting portslob a second job? Weird pivot

starship 92 days ago
It will help you too, friend.