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Love Lurk

pastaman 272 days ago
f*ckers in Lambgoat telling me, always in the Discord, Lurk ain't bout this, Lurk ain't bout that, My boy a webmaster on f*cking Lambgoat and them, he, he, they say that boy don't be putting in no work, SHUT THE f*ck UP! Y'all goaters ain't know shit! All ya motherf*ckers talk about Lurk ain't no hitta, Lurk ain't this, Lurk a fake, SHUT THE f*ck UP! Y'all don't post with that boy! Y'all know that dude got caught with a mic, interviewing Attila and shit. Dude been podcasting since f*ckin, I don't know when! Motherf*ckers stop f*ckin' playin' him like that! Them boys savages out there! If I catch another motherf*cker talking sweet about Lurk, I'm f*cking beating they ass! I'm not f*cking playing no more. You know that Lurk roll with hatebreed and them.

Bortslob 272 days ago
I'll be honest with ya. I love all the boys in the discord with one exception. Barbara I cannot stand being in that guy's virtual presence. I hate everything he says, whether it's directed at me or anyone else. I go where he is not . Period. I miss them all. But I f*cking hate that pipsqueak more than anyone besides Joe Biden. I'd still be on the discord if it weren't for him

Bortslob 272 days ago
I love carve, the ocean, evil hero, steel panda, but barb.. f*ck him

B__DAWG 272 days ago
i don't know what dischord is

A_tumbleweed 272 days ago
Portslob is g a y

B__DAWG 272 days ago
barb was funny

Inkongudunk 272 days ago
RIP in peace barb

jimbo 272 days ago
rick loved barb

VodkaVeins 272 days ago
B__DAWG 1 hour ago i don't know what dischord is It was a pretty cool record label

united_ninety_three 272 days ago
B__DAWG 1 hour ago barb was funny

easyhateoven 272 days ago
barb was pretty clever as f*ck, but i can see that. he swings pretty far left for your liking

Bortslob 271 days ago
He's insufferable