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Dothack & Trind

Portslob 49 days ago
Did webby put these two in timeout or something?

carveyournamein 49 days ago

BULLHEAD 49 days ago
Same guy, I think

carveyournamein 49 days ago
They are also avoiding contributing to my friends funeral expenses.

simon_belmont 49 days ago
You know what else? You don't hear much from shat crew anymore. Must be new management

BULLHEAD 49 days ago
I don't know how to donate money online and I'm suspicious of scams. Sorry carve

carveyournamein 49 days ago
That's alright. I'm pretty sure you met him, though.

Barbara 49 days ago
Who was playing the role of dots girlfriend then

easyhateoven 49 days ago
shhh. say their names two more times and they'll come back

ShaolinLambKiller 49 days ago

easyhateoven 49 days ago
d0th thought you were his best friend, slk

skinsuit 49 days ago

_d0thack_ 49 days ago
I'm here. I've just got a lot on my plate atm and I probably won't be here as frequently as I used to be. Not that any of you care. In the mean time take care of yourselves. Yes, even you Trind.

kort 49 days ago
hey man you should stop threatening people

Portslob 49 days ago
Did you unleash a cop on the board?