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The Byrds, Flying Burrito Bros, Gram Parsons

Which do you think had the best album?

I like all of em', but Gram Parsons released some great solo stuff with Harris.

Pilgrim 123 days ago
D none of the above

That's a stupid answer.

easyhateoven 123 days ago
flying burrito bros

B__DAWG 123 days ago
The Byrds by about a million miles

jimbo 123 days ago
yeah id rather just eat mushrooms then fly around some cool desert air eating variety burritos

I was trying to find some burrito bros and gram parsons records today. I only found a byrds album, but was still happy with it.

ShadowBlade 123 days ago
The Byrds by 8 miles. High.

B__DAWG 123 days ago
they're all too country, i like the old Byrds when they were psychedelic folk. i'm not a fat redneck

I kinda like em' all.

B__DAWG 123 days ago
i don't mind them

Also got some Led Zeppelin, Tina Turner, Scorpions, Juda Priest, Juice Newton, Roy Orbison, Jimmy Buffet, Jerrerson Starship, Porter Wagoner, BLue Oyster Cult, and Randy Travis. Good haul today.

jimbo 123 days ago
zeppelin, priest, BOC? now we talkin

B__DAWG 123 days ago
you know who likes blue oyster cult? me