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seriously listening to immortal

kort 124 days ago
are you dumb

Pilgrim 123 days ago
No. Paying my buddies bill for his bday party was dumb. I wanna shoot myself. Immortal rules

easyhateoven 123 days ago
What about black metal in general?

ShadowBlade 123 days ago
Normie dorks tend not to like black metal. Works for me.

B__DAWG 123 days ago
95% of black metal fans are f*cking retards. probably, i never really did a survey or anything

B__DAWG 123 days ago
i'm part of the 5%

kort 122 days ago
black metal is great except for the massive amount of the RAW TRVE stuff that blows. recording your album backwards through headphones is the dumbest shit ive ever heard

ShadowBlade 122 days ago
It all depends on the band. Some bands really do pull off that "necro" production, and can be a benefit to the overall aesthetic. It doesn't work for everyone though. Some of my favorite stuff is quite modern though. Inquisition usually has great sounding production. Pretty much all of the (superior) Swedish black metal doesn't really utilize the raw production techniques either.

ShadowBlade 122 days ago
Horna has a lot of albums with that raw production, and they are all fantastic. Behexen has some raw albums too. You can blame it all on Darkthrone though. They made so many great albums in that vein. Of course, Darkthrone hasn't put out anything worth a shit since "Hate Them".

B__DAWG 122 days ago
i regert to inform you that you don't make the 5%

B__DAWG 122 days ago
i'm listening to Stikky right now. it sounds like shit. but it would sound stupid if it sounded good

ShadowBlade 122 days ago
At least you've got that elitist attitude B_DAWG. Trve Kvlt.

toxicnacho 122 days ago
Unblack metal is some pretty funny stuff. The state I live in has one of the better known ones. Frost Like Ashes.

B__DAWG 122 days ago
remember this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HivGM9sJVSI

ShadowBlade 122 days ago
It's better than anything Vargbhas ever done. Except for maybe his first 3 releases where he basically just rips off Bathory.