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toxicnacho 124 days ago
Act of Depression/Cries of the Past Probably better than most those late 90s early 2000 metal core bands.

Pilgrim 124 days ago
Their only good albums.

toxicnacho 124 days ago
Not wrong brother. A lot of the reviews say "complicated to be complicated" but nah. Proficient musicians at the peak of this genre. I don't care if you're religious or not but these albums rewrite the template for metal core And then as I lay dying came out. 😑

toxicnacho 124 days ago
I firmly believe if this band and 18V kept up Until the Ink Runs Out this whole genre would be a diff ball game.

toxicnacho 124 days ago
Also Until the Day Breathes and the Shadows Flee is one of the goat ep's.

easyhateoven 123 days ago
I relistened to their old material the other day thinking 'man, they used to be good' but afterwards realized that they were never good and everything they released was garbage 🤷🏼‍♀️

toxicnacho 123 days ago
I like the first two a lot. That third LP had some bits and pieces I liked in the guitar playing but yeah, they def got real bad.

PoultryInMotion 123 days ago
Anah Aeviah was on par with that shit

easyhateoven 123 days ago
I relistened to the first two Bled albums today—my gay ass still likes them. So catchy

easyhateoven 123 days ago
I saw Since By Man, The Bled and Underoath in 2003 at a shitty dive bar in Buffalo for like $10. It was pretty tight.

NorthFromHere 123 days ago
Cries of the Past was surprisingly good.

toxicnacho 123 days ago
I love the Bled man. I got to see them quite a few times. Always a killer show.

ShadowBlade 123 days ago
Underoath never did anything for me. Even as a 15 year old who would listen to embarrassing metalcore on the regular. I saw The Bled with American Nightmare and Daughters back in 2004. They were actually pretty good. I remember those guys having really bad body odor.

B__DAWG 123 days ago
don't believe i've heard them