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Immortal - War Against All

ShadowBlade 10 days ago
No review for this? Guess when something is so good, it's not necessary.

B__DAWG 10 days ago
no site reviews every album. you'll just have to learn to live with it i guess

B__DAWG 10 days ago
it won't be easy

easyhateoven 9 days ago

I remember liking at the heart of winter but haven't really paid too much attention to this band over the years

B__DAWG 9 days ago
i'm probably not gonna listen to a new Immortal album. you can't hear every album. it's not practical

fun2choke 5 days ago
^^This comment makes you sound stupid as hell, motherf*cker.

B__DAWG 5 days ago
i am stupid

jimbo 5 days ago
i like that album where it's all about blizzards

jimbo 5 days ago
oh yeah, and that Tyrants song is good too

B__DAWG 5 days ago
circle of the tyrants. that's celtic frost

easyhateoven 5 days ago
War against paul

snoocifer 4 days ago
they look like that wrestling group from the 80s, Demolition.

ShadowBlade 3 days ago
"War Against All" rips pretty hard. Even better than "Northern Chaos Gods", which was also damn good.