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If you don't like the hammering process

toxicnacho 7 days ago
Go eff yourself

Is that a band?

pastaman 7 days ago
hey shut the f*ck up ok bye

VodkaVeins 6 days ago
"The Hammering Process is the fifth album by the Christian metal band Living Sacrifice" lol

oh dude...

toxicnacho 6 days ago
Living Sacrifice is great

simon_belmont 6 days ago
Regardless of dothacks goofiness it is a really good record

ShadowBlade 6 days ago
Thought is was a reference to crossfading.....

B__DAWG 6 days ago
i'll listen to christians make some music but they better not be singing about how great Jesus is or anything. i don't wanna hear it

B__DAWG 6 days ago
BESTIAL MOCKERY - Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw THAT'S what i'm into. satan stuff

ShadowBlade 6 days ago
Bestial Mockery f*cking rules!

B__DAWG 6 days ago
do you worship the devil?

ShadowBlade 6 days ago
What about Stryper? Christian glam/power metal from the 80's. I dig that. Wytch Hazel is also a pretty sick christian band too.

B__DAWG 6 days ago
TROUBLE were christians. so is OZZY i think. loves jesus

ShadowBlade 6 days ago
I don't worship anything. I wish I was dedicated to Satan, but there isn't enough time in the day.