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People wrecking Target stores

Inkongudunk 8 days ago
Lol, America is so fun

B__DAWG 8 days ago
they made themselves a Target

B__DAWG 8 days ago
why are they wrecking them?

simon_belmont 8 days ago
They want to destroy something beautiful

Inkongudunk 8 days ago
Apparently they think swimsuits for transgender kids are a bad thing and little pins that say "satan respects pronouns" are bad.

Inkongudunk 8 days ago
I thought it was a pretty funny pin. But I also don't shop at target

B__DAWG 8 days ago
people are simply too riled up these days in my opinion

simon_belmont 8 days ago
You'd think with all the weed available to the general public everyone would have mellowed out.

B__DAWG 8 days ago
maybe they put steroids in the weed

PoultryInMotion 7 days ago
i almost bought a "my pillow" at a Rural King store last week.

Pilgrim 7 days ago
Why I shop at K-Mart. Gotta get my Looney Tunes shirts

VodkaVeins 7 days ago
B__DAWG 1 hour ago they made themselves a Target 10/10

Inkongudunk 5 days ago
#CultureWars #DeSantis #Disney #$5DollarFootLong #BritneySpears #TrumpIndictment #FreeTheNip #AmIRacist #Manifesto #PopeBenedictus #MemorialDay #NachoCheeseFries

toxicnacho 5 days ago
We should wreck more 5 and Below stores. They aren't even 5 and Below anymore.