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This dude slipped on CUM in a Burger King bathroom and won 8 Mil

Godfreyjones 7 days ago
Seems like a pretty solid grift https://nypost.com/2023/05/25/burger-king-ordered-to-pay-whopping-8m-to-man-who-fell-on-foreign-substance/amp/?utm_source=snap-news&utm_medium=fulltext&utm_campaign=partnerfeed

kort 7 days ago
sorry my bad

Pilgrim 7 days ago
^your cum is equivalent to garlic powder. No one slips on that and it sits on a shelf for years

kort 6 days ago
who the f*ck doesnt use garlic powder

easyhateoven 6 days ago
i love garlic powder. using it right now

endofsould 6 days ago
Cracking open a trader joes garlic powder right now, I go through one a week