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i thought TRUMP was supposed to influence a bunch of great punk and hardcore

B__DAWG 133 days ago
i musta missed it all

VodkaVeins 133 days ago
Goddammit, i barely recovered from spraining my retinas rolling my eyes so hard at that

willy_wanker 133 days ago
anäl trump

Inkongudunk 133 days ago
It did, just not the way expected. Conservative Military Image is pretty good

Pilgrim 133 days ago
Municipal Waste had that shirt of him shooting himself. Does that count or was it pandering?

simon_belmont 133 days ago
Great punk? Oxymoronic, bro

vagisilcreem 133 days ago
yeah. punk rock is gay and also shitty. two of the worst things.

Inkongudunk 133 days ago
Complete pandering. It's not controversial to hate Trump.

Are there even still any good new punk or hardcore bands?

B__DAWG 133 days ago
i only like the punk bands that hate all politicians

B__DAWG 133 days ago
i was listening to God's America. they're not too bad. from las vegas, NV

jimbo 133 days ago
Trump is prob going to win 2024, Ted Cruz VP. I may drop a money line.

What kind of punk? The only band from Vegas I know that even exists was Curlupanddie. They were good.

NorthFromHere 133 days ago
Not sure what the point is of playing punk in 2023. Even most new hardcore bands today would be called metal bands in the 80/early 90s, they just get filmed by Sunny Singh and/or they are impressively awful at playing instruments (Scowl on both counts!).

Better_than_You 132 days ago
"Trump is prob going to win 2024, Ted Cruz VP. I may drop a money line." Not a chance in hell he wins