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Shitting into a freshly pissed toilet

Kvin 48 days ago
Just let out a long dehydration piss in the work toilet and the auto flush didn't go off so I left it. As I'm washing my hands a coworker rushes into the stall, doesn't flush, and just let's loose what sounds like explosive diarrhea My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the man who just had his ass covered in my dark yellow piss.

ej 48 days ago

ShaolinLambKiller 48 days ago
you are a disgusting piece of shit and will die soon.

VodkaVeins 48 days ago
No chong cheesol? Thats a bitch move, bud.

Portslob 48 days ago
Jokes on the next guy because I didn't flush that shit

ShaolinLambKiller 48 days ago
And you drank it all vaxxboy