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Inkongudunk 184 days ago
Harmless, right?

B__DAWG 184 days ago
you dont like trans? .

jimbo 184 days ago
that Nashville PD body cam footage was intense.

nothinlefttogive 184 days ago
I forget, what are your pronouns again?

PenicillinTrapdoor 183 days ago
it's totally harmless because it's not called ANGRY WHITE MALES. come on guys. you get it.

PoultryInMotion 183 days ago
When I was a kid, my dad was listening to Rush Limbaugh in the car, and dude said the operation to change from a woman to a man is called an "addadictame". i still use this joke.

PhilPhantom 183 days ago
surely it was "addadictomy" ya fuk

PhilPhantom 183 days ago
thread bad, forum bad, rip lambgoat

Inkongudunk 183 days ago
^^ groomer spotted

AnalButt 183 days ago
Closing the mental asylums turned out to be a bad thing.

Better_than_You 183 days ago
Justified! They/Them are just defending themselves against genocide

Inkongudunk 183 days ago
Yawn, your gimmick is boring

B__DAWG 183 days ago
what is a TERF and why is everyone so mad at them?

Inkongudunk 183 days ago
A terf is a feminist who doesn't accept men in wigs as ladies

Inkongudunk 183 days ago
Imagine fighting for hundreds of years for equality then some guy in a wig and a dress is like YEAH, AND IM A LADY TOO!