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simon_belmont 74 days ago
That band was so f*cking good

EveryTimeHeDies 74 days ago
Band ruled. RIP noaone. I think he was the one who got me into them.

B__DAWG 74 days ago
sounds interesting

simon_belmont 74 days ago
Bull, listen to Sleep and Release. I was going to post a specific song but the way they run together and are all a bit different is too good. Plus you have nothing better to do than listen to an album

B__DAWG 74 days ago
sounds interesting

Band was cool, and yes RIP noaone.

Their split with Isis is dope. Haven't listened to anything else by them.

simon_belmont 73 days ago
That's not a split, it's a collaboration, you doofus!

foulmouth 73 days ago
good band

easyhateoven 73 days ago
chvrches, however, is not good