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This place is deader than shit

plaguestricken 74 days ago
It's kinda sad.

plaguestricken 74 days ago
Shat would've kept this place alive.

TheGuyFromCameo 74 days ago
He did such a great job keeping himself alive, after all.

easyhateoven 74 days ago

ShaolinLambKiller 74 days ago
and that's what's happening right now with him burning in hell

plaguestricken 74 days ago

plaguestricken 74 days ago
Naw, I kid. I knew. RIP

B__DAWG 74 days ago
it's lurkcity's fault. f*ck that guy

toxicnacho 73 days ago
MacDaddy MC'Shatty

kort 73 days ago
thank god im still here

lurkcity 73 days ago
B__DAWG 6 hours ago it's lurkcity's fault. f*ck that guy yawn. post the video nerd or stfu wimp.