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the biggest conspiracy in the world that nobody is prepared to handle

coldhardfacts 12 days ago
all of scientology is actually true

jimbo 12 days ago
yo I was just watching that new MI cruise vid. shit is DOPE.

jimbo 12 days ago
scope it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-lsFs2615gw

coldhardfacts 12 days ago
scientology is the source of his power

lurkcity 12 days ago
Did you just say "scope it"?

Scope it brah!

VodkaVeins 12 days ago
Peep this fly shit

coldhardfacts 12 days ago
tom cruise is probably lurking in this thread right now

dayman 12 days ago
VodkaVeins 3 hours ago Peep this fly shit lol

ShaolinLambKiller 12 days ago

coldhardfacts 11 days ago
did you know that there is a secret sect within scientology called the church of spiritual technology? i think they are in possession of a lot of the SECRET DOCUMENTS

coldhardfacts 11 days ago
id really like to scope those secret documents

coldhardfacts 11 days ago
all of the ufo videos being released in the news media are leading up to the big reveal about the intergalactic federation of planets and lord xenu

Inkongudunk 11 days ago
Shut the f*ck up

coldhardfacts 11 days ago
i did and then you bumped the thread