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Tomorrow marks 10 years since Jason Molina died

simon_belmont 13 days ago
Which album are you listening to? I'll be going with Josephine and Ghost Tropic. That songs: Ohia live album with the Italian name might show up too.

Pilgrim 13 days ago

AnalButt 13 days ago
He's drinking mouthwash and gin cocktails in heaven now

simon_belmont 13 days ago
Here's an song from one of his weirder albums

lake_flaccid 13 days ago
You get sad about this guy every year

simon_belmont 13 days ago
*every day

I'm going to listen to the Ocean's Nerve, Down the Wrong Road Both Ways, and East St. Louis Blues.

Conduit 12 days ago
You sure he died 10 years ago? I saw him in Dune like last year.

shitinyourhand 11 days ago
Pilgrim 1 day ago Who?

rick____tocchet 11 days ago
The baseball player?