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Death Metal thread

Godfreyjones 17 days ago
This is good https://youtu.be/gWoFwMUNpXI

Pilgrim 17 days ago
Tzatziki is delicious

Pilgrim 17 days ago
This is good. Thumbs up. Not what I planned on falling asleep to

666pack 16 days ago
I've enjoyed this album, they're a more death/doom version of Xibalba. Probably pretty boring live, but good on album. From last year I really enjoyed Vomit Forth, Tribal Gaze, Mortuous, and Mongrel. Some of the best stuff coming out now is like death metal plus Hatebreed/All Out War

kidcadaver 16 days ago
tribal gaze was really good, godless voyage moreso than the other release. i also really enjoyed phobophilic, ripped to shreds, maul and cosmic putrefaction recently.

666pack 16 days ago
I actually think I like the other one, The Nine Choirs, a little bit better. Both are really good though. I'm not familiar with Cosmic Putrefaction, I'll check it out, the other three are solid recommendations

666pack 16 days ago
Have y'all heard Nothingness - Supraliminal? I've been enjoying that for like a week https://spotify.link/cthdvLRS7xb

ShaolinLambKiller 15 days ago

666pack 14 days ago
SLK, what do you think? I keep coming back to it KidC, Cosmic Putrefaction is pretty great, thanks What else are y'all listening to? The new Hyperdontia ep is out today and it rules https://mesacounojo.bandcamp.com/album/deranged-mlp

7billiondead 12 days ago
Sněť has been my latest constant rotation along with some lock-up.

ShaolinLambKiller 12 days ago
666pack It's good. I only heard about that EP a couple days ago I haven't listened yet been listening more to the new Black Magick SS currently

dayman 12 days ago
shut up bitch

666pack 11 days ago
7billiondead 19 hours ago Sněť has been my latest constant rotation along with some lock-up. Me Saco Un Ojo records is releasing the next Snet soon, no release date yet, but this year I'll check out that Black Magick, SLK

7billiondead 11 days ago
Have to watch for that. New hyperdontia is sick. Enjoying the new frozen soul singles too.

Frozen yogurt is kinda zzzz