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Drug Church

muffstuffer87 90 days ago
What a band. Who's seeing them this run?

toxicnacho 90 days ago
Bad band.

easyhateoven 90 days ago
they're pretty good. newest album was fun. too many good shows coming up. model/actriz on friday and domain/heathen prayer on sunday. saw blushing with aftercare last night. shit was tight. shoegaze af

VodkaVeins 90 days ago
toxicnacho 3 hours ago Bad band. It's like they want to be a "heavy" No Knife. I don't hate it.

lurkcity 90 days ago
still rocking their 2018 release 'cheer' a lot 'hygiene' isn't AS good to me, but I haven't listened enough due to listening to 'cheer' so often the bliss out single in 2020 was also good. i kind of dig the new single too. seeing them live is aa neat time.

lurkcity 90 days ago
easyhateoven 4 hours ago domain/heathen prayer on sunday just saw domain this past week. say whats up to shane. he will be the tall guy w his shirt tucked in most likely

easyhateoven 90 days ago

B__DAWG 90 days ago
you think anyones ever done drugs at church?

B__DAWG 90 days ago
i do