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Next shift is in 6 hours

dog_boner 8/2/2021 6:13:49 AM
So I decided to take an ambien on the way home from work. I was like 15 miles away, but it hit immediately. My body feels like it's made of peanut butter and rubber bands. I gotta go to bed

timelordtwo 8/2/2021 6:17:07 AM
I hope you make it home safe and get some rest dog_boner

dog_boner 8/2/2021 6:23:09 AM
I'm home. gonna slam a can of mandarin oranges then it's night night goat. Then at noon I'll pop a nuvigil and head to work. Stimulants and depressants are the shit

AnalButt 8/2/2021 6:27:51 AM
Stay safe bro. Ambien gave me unfathomably awful nightmares but I hope you dream of sandy beaches

dog_boner 8/2/2021 6:36:56 AM
I rarely dream. Though I have been known to walk downstairs and annihilate the fridge. I've also pissed on a friends kitchen chairs cuz I was so f*cked up. I thought it was a toilet

dog_boner 8/2/2021 6:37:40 AM
Night night doooods

vagisilcreem 8/2/2021 6:38:10 AM
nuvigil sounds like a member of a black metal band.

Barbara 8/2/2021 6:45:10 AM
Sounds like a paste you apply before shoving a nuva ring up your clam

ShaolinLambKiller 8/2/2021 7:39:51 AM
Night loser

dog_boner 8/2/2021 11:08:23 AM

ShaolinLambKiller 8/2/2021 11:28:14 AM
Did you shit the bed?